Traditional Wedding Dresses in Ethiopia

 Looking for a Traditional Wedding Dresses in Ethiopia. Here is our list of the best places to start your search.


  • Yoas tibeb was established in 2003. The company is established by Shitaye Kinfe who was raised by a family that runs a traditional clothes shop which makes it easy for Shitaye to get in to the business. She masters the art of designing after years of rehearsal and professional training. In addition to this, in her company she has professionals who are working to make the company the best in the country.
  • Yoas tibeb has the objective of promoting typical Ethiopian traditional cloths, scarves, table cloth and placements cushion covers curtains, bed covers, bags, wine holders and clothes which are hand woven and are tailored in a modern way to the rest of the world.  One can go to any direction of the country and can get the type of dress which is used only in that area. But it is practically impossible to get all types of Ethiopian traditional cloths in one place except in Yoas tibeb.


  • The Yeti Yeti Tibeb Lealem Traditional cloth Maker is a business established in September 2004, as a sole proprietorship primarily to manufacture and sale quality casual and occasional traditional clothes.

The objective of the enterprise is to manufacture and sell traditional clothes for both domestic and foreign markets and ultimately to generate sustainable profit while contributing to the country’s overall economy. Yetnayet channels her instinctive knowledge of what woman and men desire from clothing in the creation of couture designs that are both elegant and refreshing. Yeti reveals that her aesthetic philosophy is to “design clothes that people remember, clothing that is innocent in form, but daring enough to awaken new style”. She spends a tremendous amount of time with each design, paying particularly close attention to both the creative detail and the perfection of the fit.


  • Ethiopian twice boutique provide range of traditional clothing that resemble very closely what was worn for the last hundreds and maybe even thousands of years in Ethiopia and today’s cultural clothing’s that are influenced by modern fashion trends.
  • At Ethiopian twice boutique we specialize on the traditional clothes. Such as traditional weddings dress, church pastor’s clothes, any age clothes, arts, crafts, DVDS, CDS, Ethiopia gold’s, silvers, cultural jewelries, and more specializing in this area allows us to make it the best of the best and provide a depth of variations so you’ll find something to your unique liking. Or bring your idea we make you dream dress come true. We are creative, we are different, and we do custom design & alteration. Our clothes are made fully by hand by traditional weavers who are called ‘Shemane’. This art of weaving is hundreds years old. Following is an excerpt from Professor Richard Pankhurst’s paper on traditional Ethiopian weaving technology.


  • Hand woven cushion covers, table runners, stoles and other different types of dresses are available for sale with special design styles. These dresses are made of cotton and polyester.
  • Ethiopians tratraditional clothes has been made by ‘Shemmanes’ (Dress Weavers) for long time to meet the local market that are mainly made from cotton that is woven together in long strips and then sewn together to make cloth. Currently we mix the traditional (hand woven) and modern way (dyeing and mixing) to produce an eye catching ,decorated and long lasting dresses that are in demand by the Ethiopians especially the Diaspora. Diaspora normally wears traditional clothes on holidays (New Years, Christmas, Easter, Epiphany, etc) and on special occasions like weddings ceremonies and birthdays. URAGENET is bringing the best designs available in the market so that you will find something unique at every occasion.


  • A family-owned business, K Design was established more than 50 years ago by the late Mrs. Kidist Haile (hence the name K Design). Since the early 1950s, K Design has grown to a midsized industry.
  • K Design’s primary focus has been on accessories and custom-tailored women’s clothes made in line with Ethiopian and European styles.


  • Habesha has a mission to promote Ethiopia to the world in a modern manner. Working towards this goal, the centre only stocks the best Ethiopian items.
  • Ethiopian traditional clothes are made from hand-woven cotton with intricate designs. The cloth is delicate and comfortable. The clothes you find at Habesha Centre are designed to be a bit more modern and wearable. We take orders as well, so you can get your clothes made to order.

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