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You are here. Thanks and welcome to the site that dissects and gives detailed advice on everything Ethiopian weddings. This African country of 80 million people carries the trophy for being the world’s most populous landlocked country. They have extremely elaborate wedding ceremonies. In this site you will find everything you wished to know about an Ethiopian wedding.

You will find:

7.       Ethiopian wedding honeymoon tips: After couples wed, they normally go for a honeymoon, right? Now, in Ethiopian culture, honeymoon is an integral phase for the newlyweds. And indeed the whole society. Although it carries some similarities with the modern honeymoon that we all know, the Ethiopian one goes a bit deep and it involves some major steps. You want to know what essentials the bride and the groom need? Well, read on and you’ll surely get more than you bargained for.

6.       Wedding reception tips: In a country with more than 80 different ethnic groups, one is bound to come across diverse traditions that can leave one scratching their head. In Ethiopia, there is an array of tips on how and where a wedding reception should be. What are the major factors that are usually considered when it comes to Ethiopian wedding receptions? Fret no more, it’s all here.

5.       Tips for the bride: So they have some sort of how-to-be-a-bride manual; a bridehood 101? Not really. But an Ethiopian bride undergoes a session of dos and don’ts. She is pumped with tips. You want to know what these tips are, don’t you? How is she supposed to behave or carry herself on the big day and afterwards?  Well, being a bride is a cherished affair in this country known for coffee beans. Well, you will know all these tips and more.

4.       Tips for the groom: In a country that uses Amharic as its official language; a country that is rich in traditions, a groom is normally educated on how to be ‘the groom’. He’s given ample doses of advice in form of tips before the big day. These tips range from the mundane to the important. As the person who pays the dowry, it would only be right to get these all-important tips. They are all here.

3.       Wedding checklist: Before a wedding can proceed, it is only logical that the bride and the groom do the final checklist. Throw in an Ethiopian wedding and this checklist becomes one major affair. In different societies, this process is carried out in varying ways. The Ethiopians hold it dear. Check it out!

2.       Wedding ceremony tips: Wedding ceremonies in Ethiopia are detailed affairs. All these details are provided in this site. You will be informed on the types of food that gel with which particular wedding ceremonies. You’ll also know the tips on the best type of wedding music. The right venue of the ceremony is also included as are the attires for both the groom and bride. Want to know the name of the special dress worn by Ethiopian brides? Read on to discover.

1.      Wedding traditions: Ethiopians are deep people. Although the majorities are Christians, they still hold their traditions dear. You will learn the role of both sets of parents to the groom and bride. This site also covers how the girl’s virginity or lack thereof is viewed in these Ethiopian marriages. Read on to learn more on the role of a mediator and dowry.

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